Medical & Mental Health Providers

1Ask for referrals from friends, or local LGBTQIA+ Centers for providers
Your best referral will come from friends or local support organizations such as:
JASMYN 923 Peninsular Pl, Jacksonville, FL 32204 (904) 389-3857
PFLAG P.O. Box 2971, Jacksonville, FL 32203 (904) 737-3329 (all messages are confidential and replied to within 24 hours)
2A helpful resource can be found at the Gay and Lesbian Medical Associations’ Healthcare Provider Directory. Find it here.
Click on this link for the directory
3When calling a medical practice for the first time, inquire if they see LGBTQIA+ patients. If the answer is yes, here are helpful screening questions:
a. Does your practice have an LGBTQIA+ non-discrimination policy, which includes sexual orientation, gender identity and expression?
b. Does the policy extend to clients/patients, as well as staff?
c. Are all staffed trained on LGBTQIA+ best practices and practice from a dignity model?
d. Is there any sexual orientation or gender identity your practice does not treat?
e. Have your documents and forms been changed to include affirming and inclusive language? If so, when were the changes made?
f. Do your doctors follow the WPATH Standards of Care? If yes, which version?
g. Will all staff and providers respect the pronouns and name client requests to be called?
h. Are there practices/policies in place to ensure the correct pronoun is used when addressing clients and/or their family members?
i. Will staff and practitioners be culturally sensitive with words that cause distress/triggers? (eg. FTM at gynecologist, who would prefer the practitioner refer to parts of their anatomy differently, for example, Chest vs. Breasts, genitalia vs. vagina/penis, etc).
4When contacting a mental health provider, here are questions to help you determine if they are a good fit for your needs:
1) What is your view on LGBTQIA+ people and their relationships?
2) What is your approach when working with LGBTQIA+ people, their families/significant others?
3) What is the age range of clients you see?
4) Do you see individuals, couples, families, etc.? 5) How long have you been working with the LGBTQIA+ population?
6) How may LGBTQIA+ (be specific) individuals have you worked with?
7) What professional training do you have to work with the LGBTQIA+ population?
8) Do you follow the WPATH Standards of care? If yes, what version?
9) Do you provide letters for HRT and surgical procedures?
10) Have you ever reused to write a letter for HRT or surgical procedures for a client? If yes, what were the circumstances surrounding your decision?
11) Do you refer to your client’s by the gender pronouns and names they request? If not, how do you refer to your client?
12) What are your fees?
13) Do you accept private insurance, Medicaid, etc? If not, do you have a sliding scale?

Medical and Mental Health Lists

Below is a list of medical and mental health professional services to provide LGBTQIA+ children and youth with compassionate, quality medical and behavioral health care services.

Mental Health Providers

Are You a Mental Health Provider?

If you would like to be considered as a Mental Health Provider for LGBTQIA+ children and youth, please review, sign and return the form for your profession.

Mental Health PDF

Psychiatric Providers

Medical Providers

Are You a Medical Health Provider?

If you would like to be considered as a Medical Health Provider for LGBTQIA+ children and youth, please review, sign and return the form for your profession.

Medical PDF
Medical Provider CE Syllabus